Saturday, April 18, 2009

Answers and good days

Last night I got a message from the doctor that told me the rest of the blood work came back normal. I think to myself "how can that be? There has to be an answer to all the bizarre stuff that happened." I am an answers type of person, I feel better when I understand and to not have an answer to what happened with the blood clotting bothers me. The doctor is just so nice and compassionate though. I feel really good about him. I go on Monday and I have a lot of questions. We'll see what kind of news that brings.

It brought a really good day to a pretty good end because really I am glad that the blood work is normal because that means I don't have to give myself shots throughout my pregnancy. Yesterday was fantastic! It was one of the first days in a long time that I felt carefree and just about myself. I did have the thought that there was only one thing that could have made yesterday any better and I don't think that I have to even say what that is.

We stopped in South Hampton and found this great little store that I spent way too much money in, but John was in the mood to spoil me a little...or a was nice to splurge on something for myself that was totally unnecessary. We then were in East Hampton I believe and we exchanged my Valentine's day gift at Tiffany's. It was very fun to shop there, I got a pretty new Paloma Picasso ring, it is an open Heart and John says that it matches my personality. I think that he may be right.

We went to the lighthouse which wasn't opened, but the beach was great there. Surfers out on the water big waves and sunshine...Perfect! It was just a really great day, nice to forget about the bad things that have happened and feel like you can have fun. Today should be another good one! Time will tell! (I fell like that is the quote of the year for me)

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