Monday, April 6, 2009

~We are forever changed for having known the gift that was you. We miss you terribly and who you would have been, But we are much better people because you have touched our lives... if only for a brief moment..~

I think that this quote says it all. We are better people for having known Lia Rose if only for a brief moment. The first time I felt her move was on the day before she became an angel. I felt her moving all night long. We loved her from the moment we knew we were having her.

We planned and thought about the future and what we would do and how we would be. We talked about what kind of parents we would be, and how we would act. We thought about family gatherings with our new little baby. We thought how exciting it would be for our families and for us. I remember hanging ornaments on the tree this year and thinking next year we will be doing this with a baby and I was so excited about that. In an instant all your hopes and dreams for you child are crushed. You will always think about what could have been and should have been.

We are definitely better people because of Lia Rose. I know that I am more compassionate and I think I better able to be there for friends and family who are in need. She has taught us so much about ourselves and others. She has brought us closer to people and showed us the kindness of strangers. In so many ways we are better having known her only briefly. She will be missed greatly, always.

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