Thursday, March 26, 2009

at one glance (poem)

At one glance we loved her oh so much
We did not want to let her go
We knew we did not have a choice
Her cry we'll never know

We held her in our arms so tight
So precious and so small
Her tiny hand curled just so
her voice will never call

We did not get to hear her cry
instead it was our tears
we fell in love in an instant
and would not get the years

We know that she is with us
each and everyday
She watches over mom and dad
and smiles when we play

We know she wants our happiness
and our lives to move on
we will miss her so very much
she never will be gone

Always in our hearts she'll be
her light shining strong
She will give the strength we need
The wind will be her song

We will see her in the sunset
and in the oceans ebb and flow
in the twilight of the night
in the soft moons glow

The flowers blooming in the spring
The summers blowing breeze
The colors of the autumn leaves
fluffy snowflakes falling with ease

All of the wonders all around
Will remind us of her stay
As brief as it was on this earth
We will be together again one day

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