Sunday, March 8, 2009

A piece of cake?

I just got back from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. Everything is fine now, but is was a rough few days. I got to the hospital Wednesday morning at 8am. I was a wreck...I was told that my surgery was at 10, but then there were delays. I didn't go into surgery until 12:04. They called the time in the OR. The doctors were all great. I came out of surgery and well, remember nothing and that was exactly how it should be.
In the recovery I learned that my surgery was not the "piece of cake" the doctor thought that it would be. It did not take 30 minutes, but and hour and a half. My fibroids were larger than he anticipated. One of them was closing in on my ovary and the other which was the size of my uterus was adhered to my bladder. There was a third one, but that was small and unproblematic by comparison. In the surgery when removing the fibroid attached to my bladder, my bladder was "nicked." A repair was done during the surgery at least that is what I understand.
Now, I am in recovery, I get to see John and my family. The nurses are running around, apparently the nick in my bladder is causing complications. I had a catheter and well, my urine was not clearing up. They were flushing it out and it should have been clearing and it was not. I was still bleeding. They were in contact with the OB and a urologist. The urologist had to come in and perform another surgery. He had to cauterize my bladder, not a huge procedure, but I still had to go under anesthesia again. In the meantime, I have my morphine drip, that I am able to just push the button. All of a sudden my incision really starts to hurt. The nurse looks at it and gets the OB. The OB looks at it and his face scared the crap out of me. He then said it just doesn't make any sense. Apparently there was some issues with clotting under the incision. He would also have to go back into surgery to fix it. So the quick procedure turned into at least an hour long one.
In between these two surgeries the doctor explained to me that he wants to have me tested for blood disorders because of what was going on with both the bladder and the incision. What the doctor did not tell me at that time was that if there was an issue with the blood it could have been a secondary factor causing the miscarriage. The fibroid was definitely the main factor, but without that, if I do have something going on with my blood I could have lost the baby too. As we were getting prepared for the second surgery the doctor said to me, "for someone so cute, you are like a little grenade." I thought it was pretty funny, I was glad I could find something funny at that moment.
So two surgeries later on a surgery that was supposed to be, "a piece of cake" I was finally on my way up to the room. On the way I waved to my family and our friends Jody and Leslie, who have been amazing. The stopped at the hospital and brought food even though the knew that they wouldn't really be able to see me. I got to my room and there were already flowers there from Brittney and Craig. I had no roommate so John spent the night with me in a hospital chair next to my bed. The poor guy. I was just relieved that it was over and I am sure that he was too.

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