Friday, March 13, 2009

The Hospital

I had a room to myself the first two nights that I was in the hospital. John slept in a chair next to my bed. After leaving me in the hospital the last time I was there, he was not leaving me again. The day after surgery was an ok day. I was not in as much pain as I thought I would be and was able to get up and move around a little. I was uncomfortable, but it was manageable in the hospital.
The doctor came into see us and explained some more things to us. I am still confused by what happened in surgery, but there were issues with clotting and I am going to be tested for some blood disorders. He said that the fibroids were the major cause of the miscarriage, but if I do have something like what he wants to test me for, that could have been another contributing factor. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.
Friday the doctor was in again. He came in the morning to take out my drain and said I would likely be going home that afternoon. The nurse came in a bit later to check on the dressing where he removed the drain and it hadn't stopped bleeding yet. She put another dressing on it and that one didn't stop it either. The doctor was called and they watched it most of the morning. His intern came in a put a special dressing on it, which didn't work either. The doctor had to come in to and put three stitches in.
When the doctor came in we had the world baseball classic on TV. He walked in and said, "world baseball classic, very impressive." Him and John talked baseball for a bit while he was getting things together. He left and came back in with his scrubs on and my mom said something about me being his little grenade because he had called me that the day before in the recovery room. He stitched me with John standing next to the bed while watching the baseball classic and discussing players. It was a pretty funny scene. Then the doctor said to the nurse how I had been through 2 months of hell. John turned to the doctor and said, "in a couple of months you might be going through 9 months of hell." The doctor laughed and told us whatever we needed. It made me feel good.
Prior to the doctor coming in they had a hematologist come in for a consult and they ran some tests. The global tests they ran did not come back with anything abnormal. The hematologist asked about 1o questions and said that he didn't believe that I had any type of blood disorder. The doctor, however, wants to run some more tests. I am glad that he does. He said he wants to do it for his own peace of mind. It will be good for mine too. The doctor has really been fantastic.
I stayed in the hospital for one more night and went home Saturday afternoon. I showered at the hospital and it felt really good, but was a pain with the catheter. Coming home with that was a pain too. It is out now...thank goodness.
I go back to the doctor on the 24th so I am home from work until then. It is kind of weird for me to be home and sitting in bed. I am not used to all this sitting around.

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