Monday, March 16, 2009

New beginnings

As I am recovering from my surgery I feel as if a weight is being lifted from my shoulders. I don't feel quite so stuck any more. I feel like I am moving forward and with that am able to move on. The events that have occurred over the past two months have greatly affected me and will continue to affect me for years to come. I have learned about myself and others and it has been eye opening in so many ways. I truly feel that the close of the chapter has come and that this is the beginning of a new one.
With these events has come a new appreciation for people and the difficulties that they may have. It has shown me how truly good people are and can be. It has also shown me that some are selfish and not able to be there. It has helped me to see what it is that I truly want and need through my friendships. I now know more than ever how wonderful it is to have the support of family and friends. People have had such an outpouring of support it has been quite overwhelming. I am still trying to absorb it all.
I know that I would not be able to get through this without the support of these people. I have become a stronger person through the support of everyone. I think that Lia Rose would be proud of her Mom and Dad and how they are handling the obstacles that have come in their way. She taught us so much in her short time here and I hope that the people she has touched along the way will not forget that. I know that we will not. We will make her proud to be our daughter and I know that one day we will see her again.
Spring is almost here with that comes new beginnings and new life. I know that John and I will be blessed with new life in the year to come. I am scared, but I excited for the day to be here. I know that I will be nervous and I guess rightly so, but I also know that I am in good hands. I am excited for all the good to come, but will never forget what we have gone through. If anything it makes you appreciate your life and life in general, how precious it is. You never know when it is your time. No one ever thinks a child should die, especially an unborn child, but I have to think that Lia Rose was just not born to this earth. She was born to heaven and that must take someone very special. She has bigger things in store for her. I wonder if I will know what they are one day.

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