Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good People

During the past two months John and I have dealt with many people and professionals in various fields. We have truly appreciated the compassion and care that we have received. We have experienced the true goodness of these people and have a new appreciation for the jobs that they do.
In January, when I was admitted into the hospital, the nursing staff was amazing. They were always there when I called even for the smallest thing or question. Then the miscarriage happened. The two nurses who were my nurses that night never left me. They were there until my family got there and were constantly checking in. Debbie was amazing. She was there with comforting words and compassion and telling me how strong that I was. She spoke to us about holding our baby and really made our decision so easy. She just made it seem that it was the best thing to do. We were so scared and she comforted us and gave us the support that we needed to make that decision. She came in with a little box of items that belonged to our baby girl, her hat, and a pillow a small gold ring or bracelet (I am not sure which), her footprint on a card, and a little book to write some memories in. She also let us know that there were pictures if we wanted them and they would be placed in our file. We didn't know what we would do and weren't sure if we wanted pictures. The next night we asked for them in the middle of the night and she had them ready the next morning. They give you a print out as well as a CD with the pictures on it. It is a treasure to have it as difficult as it is.
I had my pre-surgical appointment the week before the surgery and the nurses that worked with me there were great as well. I explained to the first nurse the situation and she expressed to me that she had a miscarriage as well. She said that she prayed for that soul to be sent back to her and she believed that it was in her next baby. Another nurse had come in to do blood work and she immediately was drawn to my necklace. It is inscribed with the words "at first glance I loved you with a thousand hearts." I saw it and new that it was perfect. She thought it was beautiful and then when I explained the significance it brought tears to her eyes. We were all crying by the time we left. I saw her again the day of surgery in the pre-surgical area and she came over and talked to us for 10-15 minutes. She aske if I had my necklace and I told her that John did. She expressed how her and the other nurse were wrecks the rest of that day and that they were still talking about me. It really touched me.
The nurses in recovery were amazing as well. They were right there whenever I needed them and were running around a little crazy due to the complications that I was having. Mary, one of the nurses was on through the first surgery, but not after the second. She called twice after the second surgery to see how I was doing. Then she came up to my room the next day to check on me. Again, I was touched. It made me feel good that she took the time to come up and see me.
The floor nurses on maternity were amazing both times that I was there. They were always there within a few minutes of my call and were so compassionate, caring and attentive. They answered questions and eased my mind about so many things. They shared some of their own experiences and they just were wonderful.
The doctor has been awesome. He is so compassionate and truly understands the situation and my nervousness about everything. He has returned phone calls at all hours and put my mind at ease so many times. I have stumped him a little and he is being incredibly proactive in his dealings with me at the moment. He wants to rule out some different things as he said, for his own peace of mind.
I have dealt with so many more people who have been amazing. It is so encouraging and helpful when going through a situation like this to have people who care. People who understand and are compassionate and are willing to listen to your fears and anxieties. People who can see without you saying that you are scared and nervous. The people that have taken care of me have helped me get through.

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