Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Recovering from surgery stinks! Especially when you are a fairly active person. I am finding it tough to constantly be resting. I am an active person and I like to be busy. I am always busy at work and constantly on the go, so resting so much is hard. I can't believe how much leg muscle I have lost already.
I had to come home with a catheter. I came home on a Saturday afternoon and the catheter wasn't removed until Wednesday. I believe that I would be in better shape right now had I not come home with that. It was awful, emotionally and physically. It was a huge relief when it came out and I felt like that was the beginning of my true recovery from this surgery. Once it came out I was able to be a bit more mobile and did not need as much help, but still needed help.
I also came home very bruised due to the clotting that occurred in the hospital, part of the reason I needed the second surgery. The bruising is significantly less than it was and the soreness is much better now.
Today the incision decided to ooze. It pretty much scared the crap out of me this morning. I called the doctors service and then ended up calling the office. I spoke to the nurse who told me to come in to see the nurse practitioner. She said the incision is healing well and that she is not concerned and that it is a "normal" part of the healing process. I was relieved, but it is annoying because every time I move around it oozes. It is good that it is coming out though.
I was a little annoyed today because I really wanted to go to Homegoods...apparently God does not want me to go shopping. I could use a little retail therapy at the moment.
All in all I am feeling much better than I was. It feels good to be feeling better each day. The emotional recovery has also been good, but I have already talked about that. I would have liked to get out today aside from going to the doctor, but that's ok. Maybe tomorrow I will be better.
The oozing continued the next day, and got redder so I called the office and asked to see the doctor. Of course it has lessened significantly through the day, but had another ooze right before I went. I went in at 2:30 and he checked it out. He had a concern that there was something forming under the incision and pressed all around the incision and directly on it. Nothing came out and he did not feel anything. He was pleased with how it was healing and was very surprised at how much of the bruising was gone. He thought that I would be bruised for weeks. There hasn't been any oozing since I went to him and I am hoping that it stays that way. He put new steri strips on and I will go back on Tuesday.
I am hoping to have a good day today and maybe even get out for a little bit. That would really be nice. I'd love to go someplace other than the doctors office.

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